Making An Impact

A Young Life leader stood beside the tennis court as her friend "Sarah" played for the Number 6 singles, regional championship for "Central High's" tennis team. She was playing at the same time that the Number 1's were battling. If either of Central High's final two contests were won, the team would advance to the state competition. Nearly 80 people were watching and cheering loudly for Central's Number 1. Her Young Life leader asked Sarah after her match if all the roar that came from the other side of the court bothered her. Sarah shrugged. "Not really, I knew they weren't cheering for me. Nobody ever cheers for Number 6". Her Young Life leader was there, and she cheered!
An army lieutenant stopped by the home of his former Young Life leader. After sharing 4 years worth stories of life in the war zone, the officer said: "I had to come by to see you. I wanted to tell you that even when guys sit in the back of the room and act like they aren't listening...they're listening. You're doin a great thing...keep doing it."
It would be a rare thing indeed to find a teen who wouldn't love to have another cheerleader in his/her life.  That's what Young Life leaders seek to be for teens...cheerleaders who can make a difference.   


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