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YoungLife Fall Camp!
Rockbridge Alum Springs
November 15 - 17
We're planning the best weekend ever for our YL friends this fall!  We're going to YoungLife's beautiful Rockbridge Alum Springs, just outside of Lexington, Va. 

Here's what you need to be fully informed:
Click here  for a brochure on the weekend

Paste this into your computer search bar to go to the registration form:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1cyfb4fhIIig17iltcsdTKL5Y4V6fHaV_ej3o_xXubns/edit​

Click here​ for the Medical Treatment form that each camper needs. 



Check out the YoungLife or WyldLife Facebook page for your school to see what's happening for your teen.  The pages can be found by typing the name of your school followed by either WyldLife or YoungLife.

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                                       The Role of a Young Life Leader

It has never been easy growing up, but one has to wonder if with each successive generation it doesn't get just a little bit tougher.  Many teens, today, are facing incredibly difficult circumstances - broken homes, peer pressure, media bombardment with glossy images of cultural heroes whos lives are awash with drugs, sex, and rehab.  In the midst of all this,  teens' fundamental quest remains the same as it has always been: they are desperately seeking significance for their own lives and acceptance from others.  Unfortunately significance can be elusive and acceptance often comes at a a very steep price. 

Since 1941 Young Life has provided teens with the opportunity to see and hear a different message.  Each year Young Life leaders spend enormous amounts of time just being with teens in their world...going to their games and practices, watching their performances, taking an interest in them.  The hope for Young Life has always been that we can win the right to share with teens the incredibly great story of God's love for us as evidenced through Jesus Christ.  

Young Life leaders become friends, mentors, sounding boards, cheerleaders...for a generation.


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