We love our middle school friends! 


It's just that simple.  We love their energy, we love their enthusiasm for life, we love the fact that we're taller than they are....OK, that's not really one of the things we necessarily love.  We love to make them laugh and to make them feel significant.  And that's exactly what our WyldLife leaders do every week;  whether it be in a WyldLife "club" meeting or a small group or while shopping for a new dress for the 8th grade dance.  Our leaders pour out a heart full of love on the coolest middle schoolers every....yours! 

All About WyldLife

WyldLife staff and leaders believe that adolescents are important and valuable. During the middle school years teens are making decisions that may well influence the rest of their lives  Staff and leaders are committed to building relationships with kids and modeling the attractive, unconditional love of Jesus with their middle school friends. They provide "the best party of the week" (what we call WyldLife club) where teens can join together in fun, fast paced activities that will leave no regrets, and only smiles. Our leaders can be seen wherever middle schoolers are.   Give us a call if you would like more info about YoungLife or WyldLife. 

 You can also visit the web site for this international outreach:  www.younglife.org


​Lynchburg WyldLife Meetings

For info on club dates and places call 
Dylan Kelly @ 845-531-8530

We'd love to get the email addresses of interested parents!














































Forest WyldLife Meetings

 For info on club dates and places call 

Jimmy Slyby @ 513-607-3678

Our FMS team also maintains a Facebook group called WyldLife Forest.  You can check there for current info as well.  



Parents are a huge part of our WyldLife eperience. 


They make treats for the kids to eat after club; they fill their mini vans with kids from the neighborhood and carpool to and from "club"; they encourage the leaders who are spending tons of time planning the fun evenings with the teens; they pray for the WyldLife experience, the teens, and the leaders. 


If you are interested in helping out, just call the YL/WL office at 434-528-5560 and we'll be glad to chat with you.  


Thanks !


Allen Miller, Area Director for YoungLife and WyldLife  


Young Life Central Virginia | PO Box 3543 Lynchburg, VA 24503-0543

Phone: (434) 665-3548

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